Sunday, August 29, 2010

From Elder Burns, 08/22/2010

G'Day family ,

This week has been awesome! I would like to start off by telling you a story of someone that I found to teach this week Her name is Amanda. Elder Radovanovic and I were out street-contacting, and we decided to split and go on opposite sides of the road because we could still see each other, and it would be more effective to do it that way. So, I, being the man I am, saw that there were 2 very attractive young women sitting on a bench. I decided to go and offer them a card and then I sat down next to them and asked them a really random question. I asked them why there was a tree next to us...and then they started laughing. Then I asked them , "Why am I here?", and Amber answered, "to give me a card." Then I asked them why they were here, and they didn't know, and then I told them that the tree was here because God put it here. I'm here to teach you about god and you are here to prepare yourself to meet God. Again, it shocked them and then I asked them if they would be willing to learn more about how they can prepare themselves to meet God again and they said yes. We should be teaching them this week. As for me, I have learned to like both street-contacting and tracting equally, although I am much better at street contacting. One of my favorite things to do is to ask people to repent, or to just invite them to church. I am always trying to find funny ways to do things.

A lot of the families that we visit are the Manuels, the Kings, and the Johnsons. These are the most frequent ones. Since working with the Manuels(they are less active), their son, Allister, came to church yesterday and wants to prepare to go on a mission. He is 17 and he hadn't been to church for 5 years since his baptism. He tells us that he wants to be an example to the rest of his family so that they will come back to church. We are still teaching the African family, the Georges. They are coming along. Their biggest problem is finding a ride to church. There are 6 people in the family, so they are working on getting a car. We found the Georges through a service opportunity. We are still working with Bree. Her legs are healing really well. We found Her out of randomness. We went to visit her mom, who is less active, and found her. That is really the main people that we are working with.

I wish that I could go on a "Mancation"...LOL

I guess that I kind of am on a 2 Year one...LOL

I am always praying for Jared to do well with his anger and as well That the online schooling will go well for him as well. He will Come around I know it will happen.

Me and elder Radovanovic have been able to become really good friends. So far, this transfer, He has been my longest companion and I think that I will be very sad when transfers happen. The work in Coffs Harbour is going great. We are starting to see more and more blessings from the hard work that we are putting In.

I have been studying more and more about the Atonement so than I can more fully understand what my Savior went through. I know that this is the one and only true church on the earth. I love you guys so much.

I haven't got the package yet but hopefully I will soon!

Keep the faith,

Love your son ,