Monday, September 6, 2010

From Elder Burns, 08/29/2010

Dear mom and Dad,

This week has been really great. we got a lot done. I am so glad to hear that Jared is doing really well with his school and having fun with that. I finally got the package. there was a mix-up and it got sent to another elder. I got it on Friday. I should be getting a fish soon for the fish tank. I think that present is way awesome. I loved all of the goodies and the shirts. they were really cool and funny. I am a Stripling warrior. I should still be here for Bree's baptism. President Simmons told me that he is going to keep me up here for a while, but we will see what the Lord has in store. Friday we had a chance to go down to Newcastle for a zone conference. It was heaps of fun we learned how we shouldn't be afraid of silence when we are teaching. so we had a lot of practice and it has really changed the missionary work in the area. President Simmons sent me an email. I'll show you what he said.

"Hi Elder Burns and Elder Radovanovic, Elder Daji said that he felt the spirit very strongly while you two were practice teaching. Congratulations and thank you for trying so hard to implement these new principles. It was great to see you both!!! "

It was a really great experience and it brought me and elder Radovanovic closer together. Elder Daji is the assistant to president Simmons. We traveled down to Newcastle on Thursday night, and then we tried to go and visit Michael and Shireen, but they weren't there...Darn... :( But it was heaps of fun. We tried to visit them again when we left, but they still weren't there. Bree came to church again on Sunday but there was something extremely different about her... She wasn't in a Wheelchair!!! It was so exciting. she wants to be baptized in October because she is going to be competing in a triathlon. Well today is preparation day and I will be going fishing today so I need to buy some bait so if you could put an extra 10 dollars in my account just to be safe, that would be awesome. I love you Guys tons thank you so much for being my parents and dealing with me. I know that it hasn't been easy but that is ok.

Mom I love you so much, I couldn't have better. thanks for everything.