Monday, August 22, 2022

Mission Email July 24, 2022

 Hey guys, Elder burns here! This has been an amazing first couple weeks serving my mission. Although we haven't had everything figured, I have still had amazing opportunities to serve and spiritual experiences that I would love to share with all of you. Up until this week I had tried to keep my job while serving. Which I felt was the thing to do. But when when I prayed for guidance on how to set up my schedule the lord told me that I needed to put my mission first. So I left my job and am now going to be more fully involved in the lords work.  This is probably the strongest spiritual answer I have ever had in my life. Seeing as spirituality has never come easy to me, I believe because of my autism. I learned that God will help me whenever I ask sincerely for guidance. I also wanted to talk about my time serving at Clementine Ranch, which has been a great blessing to me. I get to help and be there for the animals I love, but one unforseen consequence is that I also get to guide and help people as well. Just yesterday I got to answer gospel questions for someone who recently converted to the church and was considering leaving. The interesting thing is that I had never known the answers to the questions she had before she asked them. It's like heavenly father was speaking through me to help guide my answers. The spirit was so strong that we were both crying at the end. I know that the lord has guided me, and will guide each of you in different areas of your life as you follow the commandments, and ask for his help. I love all of you, and leave you with these cute animal pictures from my service at the ranch😊

Mission Email August 1, 2022

 Hey guys, 

Elder burns here! It has been an interesting week so I apologize for sending this out a day late. Let me tell you about my first day at welfare square. At first I thought It was a bit of a disaster but I learned a lot from it. I went in for my first day on wednesday, and I had a panic attack and had to leave after only a couple hours. Now what did I learn from this? I learned that I needed to be prepared. New situations have always been hard for me because of my autism,but you know what I didn't do that morning that would have helped me greatly? I didn't take the time to pray, I wasn't prepared with my clothes, I didn't eat breakfast, I wasn't prepared at all. Now when I started this email I said that I was sorry for sending this out a day late, but in retrospect it was a good thing because yesterday I wouldn't have been able to tell you how amazing of a day that I had today. I prepared the day before, I got everything ready. I got a blessing from my father, I prayed this morning and took 15 minutes to study the scriptures. What did all of this change for me? It made it so that I was in the right place spiritually to serve. Because I felt God with me all day during my service, and I know that he helped me to succeed. I am so happy that I tried again at this service location.

I would like to bear my testimony that if you put the Lord first in your life he will help you with what you need, and be by your side through your struggles, in the name of Jesus Christ amen. 

Mission Email August 9, 2022

 Hey guys,

 it's Elder Burns again! A day late we are. This was a good week, and a lot of cool things have happened. My service has been amazing, really not much has changed with that, besides the fact that I have a really good grasp on what I am supposed to be doing, and how to interact with the other missionaries. The things that have changed though is that I have been wearing my missionary tag a bit more as I go through my daily activities. It has brought me to many situations where I am asked about the church. It's great that where I am as a servant of the lord, I am able to answer those questions and guide people. There have been many times where I felt like God's messenger, being at the exact right place at the right time. I have also had the wonderful opportunity to have been able to start doing gospel study with my companion Elder Brinkman, which has been an amazing spiritual experience for me, to see someone else's viewpoints on scripture helps me to really connect with them. 

To end I leave you with my testimony, I know in my heart that this gospel is the true gospel of Jesus Christ and he stands with us and guides us every day. I also know that the Lord knows what is best for each and everyone of us,and as we ask he will offer his guidance. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Mission Email August 14, 2022

 Hey! It's Elder Burns here! It's been a great blessing doing my service this week! I've felt the lord with me every single step of the way. This is the first week where I served every day I was supposed to, not sick, and no panick attacks. I've also had amazing study sessions with Elder Brinkman, his insights really make me think about scriptural stories in a different light.With him I found that the Book Of Mormon can be funny, it can be impressive, it can make you sad. It can bring you joy, I just love it all together. I also have found through my service and daily life that I have had many opportunities to share the gospel. People asking me questions about our church and the gospel in general. I have found that God has always guided me in these situations on what answers to give, and how to word things. Now with my service I'm not going to lie, there has been days where I don't feel like going or I don't I feel like I don't have the strength to make it through. It's in those times that I pray, and ask for God's help to have strength and drive, and he ALWAYS gives me that help when I ask. 

I would like to bear my testimony that the Book Of Mormon is a true a amazing testament of Jesus Christ, and as you go throughout your day and ask God for help you will get that help in one form or another, I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ amen!

Mission Email August 22, 2022

 Hey guys, Elder burns here! I am getting in the habit of being late with sending out this email, although I don't think anyone really cares that much. Things have been a bit of a struggle this last week. I have been dealing with a lot of health issues,and had to leave my service location one day,and couldn't go another. I hope that I get this health thing more figured out. But the service that I did get to do was an amazing experience as always. Today was my first day using public transportation by myself, which was a huge anxiety for me, but through prayer and a  practice run with my father on saturday I was able to make it through. The service today was great, I kept finding things to do, and I got to joke around with some of the other elders which was fun. I think that the thing that I would say is the best part of my service is the people that I get to help. I get to be there for people who need it because they just can't afford it, and that is a real blessing, it is really serving as the savior would. Not saying that my service doesn't cause me severe anxiety from time to time because of social interactions I have to go through, it's just that with the Lord's help, he is able to make it so that I have the strength to handle these situations.

I would like to bear my testimony that no matter what you are going through, the Lord can and will help you, all you have to do is ask in faith and he will be there, in the name of Jesus Christ amen!