Monday, August 22, 2022

Mission Email August 22, 2022

 Hey guys, Elder burns here! I am getting in the habit of being late with sending out this email, although I don't think anyone really cares that much. Things have been a bit of a struggle this last week. I have been dealing with a lot of health issues,and had to leave my service location one day,and couldn't go another. I hope that I get this health thing more figured out. But the service that I did get to do was an amazing experience as always. Today was my first day using public transportation by myself, which was a huge anxiety for me, but through prayer and a  practice run with my father on saturday I was able to make it through. The service today was great, I kept finding things to do, and I got to joke around with some of the other elders which was fun. I think that the thing that I would say is the best part of my service is the people that I get to help. I get to be there for people who need it because they just can't afford it, and that is a real blessing, it is really serving as the savior would. Not saying that my service doesn't cause me severe anxiety from time to time because of social interactions I have to go through, it's just that with the Lord's help, he is able to make it so that I have the strength to handle these situations.

I would like to bear my testimony that no matter what you are going through, the Lord can and will help you, all you have to do is ask in faith and he will be there, in the name of Jesus Christ amen!