Monday, August 22, 2022

Mission Email July 24, 2022

 Hey guys, Elder burns here! This has been an amazing first couple weeks serving my mission. Although we haven't had everything figured, I have still had amazing opportunities to serve and spiritual experiences that I would love to share with all of you. Up until this week I had tried to keep my job while serving. Which I felt was the thing to do. But when when I prayed for guidance on how to set up my schedule the lord told me that I needed to put my mission first. So I left my job and am now going to be more fully involved in the lords work.  This is probably the strongest spiritual answer I have ever had in my life. Seeing as spirituality has never come easy to me, I believe because of my autism. I learned that God will help me whenever I ask sincerely for guidance. I also wanted to talk about my time serving at Clementine Ranch, which has been a great blessing to me. I get to help and be there for the animals I love, but one unforseen consequence is that I also get to guide and help people as well. Just yesterday I got to answer gospel questions for someone who recently converted to the church and was considering leaving. The interesting thing is that I had never known the answers to the questions she had before she asked them. It's like heavenly father was speaking through me to help guide my answers. The spirit was so strong that we were both crying at the end. I know that the lord has guided me, and will guide each of you in different areas of your life as you follow the commandments, and ask for his help. I love all of you, and leave you with these cute animal pictures from my service at the ranch😊