Monday, August 16, 2010

Letter from Elder Burns 8/15/2010

Dear family,

This week has been awesome.  On Monday, for preparation day, we went and played tennis, and then I went back and took a long nap...LOL and after 6 we always visit a family to do FHE with them.  Their name is the Johnsons.  Sister Johnson is single and she has 2 kids name Jen and Charles.  We always have a lesson and then we have a treat - it's way fun.  Tuesdays are usually really busy.  We went and visited Liam in the morning.  He is a recent convert.  He is the one that set up the fireside, and then after lunch we went and visited Eric.  Eric is the African fellow who is preparing to be baptized, and then we did street contacting and tracting for the rest of the day.  Wednesday was pretty good.  We visited some less active members during the day, and then we had a dinner with the Manuels.  We go to them every week.  They are a really nice family.  We had a curried chicken with rice; They are a Fijian family.  Thursday was filled with finding and then we visited Drew at The Big Bananna.  He was just recently baptized and is heaps of fun. Friday, we did a public opinion poll that we wrote up.  I will have to send you a Copy of it.  It seemed to work out really good.  We had a rehersal for the fireside and that was fun. Saturday night was the fireside it was heaps of fun.  [I sang Nearer My God on pg. 100. It went awesome everyone loved it. They want us to do the fireside again its way funny. ] We got called out of the middle of the fireside because a member from Brisbane was visiting Coffs Harbour, and she found a stray dog.  So she brought it to the chapel and we had to take it to the vet.  It was really funny - we had a pet dog for a few hours. Saturday was a special day it was the day we got ready for Sunday.  Sunday, we had church and then we visited with some members.  It was heaps of fun, and then we called in numbers at the end of the night.  Bree is still progressing towards baptism, and still loves the church. Me and Elder Radovanovic are getting along really, really well, and we are learning to be better friends. It sounds like things are going good at home and I am still having an amazing time. Just for fun on Monday, I made homeade pizza it was really good...LOL Well, it wasn't as good as mom's for sure, but it was ok. My testimony is increasing every day.