Sunday, August 15, 2010

Letter from Elder Burns 8/9/2010

Gday from the land down

Transfers where this last week, and I can't say that my prayers were answered...JK LOL I'm still with Elder Radovanovic.  Well I guess a companionship is as good as you make it LOL.  Well Coffs Harbour is going awesome, and this week we have a fireside and I will be singing a solo in it so that should be fun.  We have 3 people progressing to baptism - their names are Charlie, Rhianne and Bryanne.  They are way cool. That sucks that you didnt catch any  I am glad that you guys had fun though. I've been wanting to go fishing but Elder Radovanovic doesnt like to fish.  That will be really good for jared to do the internet schooling...Oreo Cookies [cows] LOL. That is way funny!  Well I was at the store yesterday and saw that they finally came out with World of Warcraft Cataclysm. I don't think I am planning on playing it, but it looks really cool. They also Finally Came out with Starcraft 2.  Have you had a chance to play it yet dad?.  Well Thats all for now love you guys heaps.

Your son