Monday, September 6, 2010

From Elder Burns, 09/05/2010

Dear Family,

This week has been an eventful one. We had a zone meeting on Friday, and then afterwards we went on a hike. it was so much fun and it lasted three hours. surprisingly, I led the group the whole way. It was up and down mountains and everything. I was soooooooooo tired but it was fun. We found 2 new investigators this week. Their names are Rose and Christland...LOL. They are both African and really want to come to church and learn. As for being out a year, it doesn't really feel like it has been that long. the time just flies by so quickly when you are doing the Lord's work and keeping busy. With the new training, they are still using preach my gospel, but they are focusing on the teaching by the spirit part. We always try to practice teaching every time we go there because they critique us and tell us ways we can improve . But the lesson outlines are still the same.

Fishing was heaps of fun. There were just a ton of little fish though. My hook was too big and I didn't really catch anything. I don't actually have a fishing pole. I just have a side reel for fishing off the jetty. Do you guys have the planetarium passes again? That was always heaps of fun and the dinosaur museum, that would have been awesome. Bree is still moving towards baptism. she has such a strong spirit and I enjoy spending time teaching her. I might have worded it wrong. Me and elder Radovanovic go on opposite sides of the street of the city center. There is just a tiny road, and we always stay within sight and hearing of each other. We asked for permission from president Simmons and he said it was ok. Just as long as we can still see/hear each other. I am really trying my very very best to improve myself as a missionary. My testimony has continued to grow so drastically, and I know more fully that this is the one true church again on the earth I love you guys so much. Mom you have always been there when I needed anything and I love you for that. And Dad, you have always been my friend even though I may have treated you like a Dork. I love you both so much.

Thanks for your love. Still working hard and loving it .

Your son,