Monday, December 21, 2009

Letters from Elder Burns on 12/20/2009


Dear Jared,

The reason that my hair is so short is that my mission president said it could be.  My companion is awesome! Nikki is 3 years old?  LOL

Dear Family,
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I am doing awesome I miss you guys so much. But I stay busy enough that it doesn't get to me.   Uncle Sterling has gone through a lot in his life and he has always been able to pull through, but I'm sure this is one of the hardest things or maybe the hardest thing that's happened to him in his life, but as he has in the past, he will pull through.  I know that he can. But I will always keep him in my prayers.

OH BTW Josh Thomas got his mission call to Lansing, Michigan.  That is so awesome!

The missionary work has slowed down a little bit.  It's just really hard to get a lesson with people because everyone is so busy. This last couple of weeks we have had the chance to go out caroling with brother Brooks, our ward mission leader, and a bunch of members in our ward.  We went around to non-member homes that the ward members selected and sang.  After the first verse of Silent Night, one of us stepped forward and bore our testimony of the Gospel, and alot of people accepted our invitation to learn, but not until after the Christmas season. It is quite difficult to get people to church.  A lot of it comes back to how well you teach, and I'm still working on getting better.

Australians really aren't that receptive to missionaries, because most are American, and they dont really like Americans, but yes, usually if they accept to learn, they are very serious about it.

How did grandma brown hurt herself?

I think it's (Jared's anger difficulties) something to do with the fact that its starting to really hit Jared that I am not there.  It's a great change in the Christmas time.

oh, Btw, Christmas zone conference was alot of fun.

I love you so much and am so thankful for your love for me.

P.S. could I get a recipe sent to me for mom's peanut butter bars.
I havent opened the package yet.



Dear mom,

I love my new area in richmond it is so awesome the ward is so focused on missionary work. Elder Bennett is awesome.  He is a legend, and he is probably my favorite companion so far in my mission.

I got the package but I havent opened it yet.

I have 3 members that I am spending Christmas at.  2 of the families are the Pauna families and then the Wilcox as well.  It will be awesome!

I cant wait to talk to you either. I get to talk for 80 minutes!

Love you tons!

your son

Dear crystal

I LOVE YOU TO I miss you tons

My companion is awesome!  I still think you are a nerd, but thats ok :)  Got to go.