Monday, December 7, 2009

Letter from Elder Burns, Dec 6, 2009


This week was probably the hardest week so far in my mission. Mainly because we had so many appointments fall through. Ya, it's way cool that there are other missionaries they actually stay in the same flat (a flat is a house here) lol.

I'm not a senior companion, but I basically am.  My companion has been out for a year, but I still am the one that plans our days and calls the members. So ya, I basically am, but he has been out longer!!!

We actually had a baptism on Saturday.  Elder Lord baptized him.  His name is Michael Badier. Michael was a miracle baptism.  It was amazing how we ran into him.  We where walking out of an appointment and we walked past him and he said "hey elders."  It caught us a little off guard, so we talked to him for a while and found out that he had been taught by the missionaries a few years back.  Also we found out that he has read the book of mormon 4 times, and he knows it's true.  He had already had a baptismal date in the past. What set him back was his smoking, so we helped him quit.  3 weeks after we met him, he was baptized.

We're working with a few people right now, but nothing is really moving forward at this time, but we will come back. One really awesome thing we are doing is teaching this family from Laos.  The dad's name is DONE, the mom's name is AT.  There are 4 girls, the oldest - she is 15,  her name is DAN-MALA.  PHOUTMALLA, age 13, DONA SETE, age 11, and UMALA, age 7.  They are so sweet.  Phoutmalla made me and Elder Lord Christmas cards, and she drew pictures and stuff - it was so cute.  The only problem we have with them is they have no car, and its hard to find a ride for 6 people lol, but we are trying. Ya, we set goals as a companionship every day.  Our goal for the year for baptisms in the mission is 252, right now we are at 215, which is awesome, but it's still far away.  We work with members every day to get them to appointments and to fellowship.

Well, I love you tons!





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