Sunday, November 8, 2009

Letters from Elder Burns on 11-08-2009

Dear mom,
I can't believe I have already been out two months it's so exciting guess what!! Transfers happened this week and I am losing elder Kingi. Th mission president thinks I am ready to be on my own. I'm the only one in my intake that isn't going to be trained the full 2 transfers. Guess what else - this Friday the 13th, Michael Gould is getting baptized. It's so awesome I will get to perform it. My new companion is going to be Elder Lord. Hopefully the name says tons about what kind of a missionary he is. I will miss Elder Kingi :)

I'm sitting at about 235. I have lost heaps of weight its wonderful because right out of the MTC I weighed 257, so that's 22 pounds and its awesome - I feel great. That's way cool that Alan is going to Seattle, Washington. I can't believe it, but ya, he should totally teach Mary!

I am so glad that the girls and Jared are doing well. I can't believe that Mikey got baptized. It's so awesome that he is finally a member of the church. I love you tons and wish you the best. love your son elder burns.
Breanna, I am so so exited that you got a car! How are things going with my car lol. It does make you look freekishly tall lol. Those teens classes are so awesome, they help tons. How much did you pay for it and how many miles are on it? You are always in my prayers I love you tons.
your Bro
Crystal you are so awesome. I love you so much and I am doing wonderful. I can't believe that Breanna got a car. I still love my companion. He is leaving though because of transfers. I'm getting a new one. His name is Elder Lord. I'm so excited. Well I love you tons, you're awesome.
your brother
Dear jared,
I love you tons and miss you as well. I have been hearing great things about you and I am so excited that you are being nicer to everyone. I got attacked by a bird this week while I was riding my bike. It kept flying down and pecking my helmet - it was funny. You're awesome!
love, your brother
Everything here is going wonderful. I am continuing to learn and to grow from Elder Kingi's teachings. It's amazing how I can feel the spirit so strongly every day when I am out teaching on my mission. I love it. Elder Kingi is such a hard working missionary and I am lucky to have him as my companion. I will print out your testimony and show it to Michael. I know it will further strengthen his testimony just as it has strengthened mine in reading it just now.
We actually went to an all you can eat place called Diggers. It was just for Halloween to celebrate. It was really nice and they even had a chocolate fountain. The main foods that I eat here are lamb chops, chicken, pork,
KFC, sausages and Rice and Pasta. It's really nice.
I decided to do that [mark the Book of Mormon references to members of the Godhead] so that I could show to an investigator how Christ focused the Book of Mormon is, and also so that I would have a better understanding of the Book of Mormon.
What the church does with medical stuff like that is we still have to pay for it, but they will send me a reimbursement for that amount. The only reason I used the home account was because it was the end of the month and I was out of money in my mission account. I don't need a copy of my yearbook, it's alright. Everything is going great with Cheng, and he is committed to the 21st. Although the 21st was just a goal we are still shooting for that date.
I haven't heard from them [Grandma and Grandpa Burns] but I'm sure I will soon. Pass on my love to Grandma Brown. I love her so much she is such an example of kindness and love to all those that she meets.
Transfers are today and I am losing elder Kingi after only one transfer. I'm supposed to be trained for 2... oh well, the mission president thinks that I'm ready to go on by myself, so I will be getting a new companion named Elder Lord. I have heard lots of good things about him. He will be a zone leader as well - it's awesome, and I will be able to baptize Michael. He will be my first baptism. I'll send pictures next week. I'm so excited his baptism got moved forward to this Friday the 13th - kinda scary lol. Well
for family scripture study, read through 2 Nephi chapter 3 - it testifies of Joseph Smith. Love you tons
Your son
I'm off now, I love you so much send my love to the family. I miss you guys but not to the point that its getting in the way of the work. I'll email you next week love you tons.
your son
my area didn't flood too bad. Everyone is ok, it wasn't too bad.