Sunday, November 29, 2009

Letters from Elder Burns 11/29/2009

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To Jared:
Dear Jared,
20 pounds (the turkey) lol! That's huge! I am so happy that you are doing well. Pokemon cards!!!! That's awesome. I wish I could play. Dad is awesome isn't he. I hate cats they scare me :) LOL I love you tons, Jared. Keep being nice. I miss you

To Dad:
Dear dad,

I am so sorry for the loss of your uncle and a dear friend to all of us. This message came as kind of a shock to me. Roger was one of the greatest men I have ever known. He was always kind and loving, but when I think about his passing, I think of the joy he must be feeling being able to embrace his father once more. Roger is definitely one of those wonderful people teaching about the Gospel to all the people in the spirit world, but Roger's passing is sad and it effects our hearts here on earth, but it brings me great happiness to know that he is with his dad again. Think of all the people that he will help in the spirit prison. Sure, we love him tons, but life is just a short part in God's plan for all of us. God needed him in heaven - he needed his wonderful spirit. Above all, what we all need to do is to trust in the Lord because through the Lord we can all achieve eternal life/everlasting happiness. You will see Roger again, he is not far away and his spirit is still with all of us,
but lets drift away from that now. I can't believe that Jared is doing so well. and that Breanna and Sarah are going on dates and stuff. It's awesome! How is Breanna's car doing? It has alot of miles on it.
I'm not too sure when I will call, but I will let you know in plenty of time.
I cant believe that christmas is so close its sad. Is it snowing there yet?
The heat is nice here its not too bad. I love you tons. May the lord be with you to lead and guide you. You are such a great example to me.
Love your son,


To Mom:

Dear Mom

I actually am having my Thanksgiving dinner tonight with Michael and Shireen. It's gonna be awesome. One thing I would like to ask is how is Grambo? Is her health OK? Tell me everything - I pray for her every day that she will be there when I get back. I pray for all of you as well. Thank you so much for that message I really needed to hear it: “LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST LIVE EVERY DAY LIKE ITS YOUR LAST DAY”. I'm crying right now, that little message really strengthened me. I know that rogers passing is really sad but I also am so happy for him. He now has the opportunity to embrace his father once more. He was such a great man and still is a great man teaching people in the spirit world about this wonderful Gospel. Though we may not see him, Roger's spirit still surrounds all of us and helps us. I love you so much. Thank you for being such a great example to me and all of our family.
Love your son,


To Crystal:

Crystal, I love you so much! I know for myself the power of prayer, it has helped me so much on my mission. The Lord will greatly bless you if you follow his commandments. Sterling and Teresa have had a very, very hard life, but they both have strong spirits. That is so awesome that they (Paul and Jessica) are getting the discussions. Well I love you tons!
Love your brother,