Sunday, October 11, 2009

Written Letter From Elder Burns received 10/10/2009

Dear Family,

Australia is so awesome! I love the food, the people are a little ignorant, but they are still nice. My first week here was awesome. We have one investigator with a baptism date. His name is Michael Gould. He is a lot of fun. He has some weird concerns about Church History, though. So the date we had set for the 17th of October might not happen, but we are working really hard with him so we will get him baptized soon.

We taught 0 lessons with a member present, 5 other lessons, 1 progressing investigator, 1 new investigator. Her name is Ashley. We taught 3 less active lessons. IUt wasn’t really that great of a week. I was really sad on Sunday. None of our investigators came. But we will get them to come.

Kangaroos are so awesome. We got to chase flocks of them around. OH!!! One very cool thing is that the mission president put out a challenge for the biggest loser!!! The companionship that loses the most weight gets to go to the movie theater with President and Sister Scruggs. So we are dieting and exercising heavily so that we can win. I’ve already lost like 5 lbs. My companion, Elder Kingi is awesome. We are learning to teach better together.

Our apartment is way nice. No A/C, but we have fans, though it hasn’t gotten that hot yet. The wards here are small – only about 50-60 people. How are things going at home?

I would love to hear again soon from all of you, but so far everything is wonderful. I love you tons.

Your son,

Elder Burns.