Wednesday, October 7, 2009

News from Elder Burns - Week of 10/4/2009

Sorry I havent sent much, I've been extremely busy with the work and getting settled in. The reason I didn't write you this last Monday is because it was a public holiday and the email places werent open yet.

I had a really good first week, it kind of pissed me off a little that none of our investigators came to church.  It kind of sucked.

I am doing so wonderful.  The work is going great I have been able to teach alot of lessons and I am getting better at teaching with the spirit.

The people here are just all around grumpy. you just dont find very many happy people.

My companion ELDER KINGI IS SO AWESOME! He is from New Zealand and he is Maouri.   It's a type of native to New Zealand.  He is a zone leader and knows alot about the gospel and is very good with finding people.

The church here is awesome.  The ward consists of a good 60 members which is kind of small, but they are wonderful.

We have one set baptism date which is for the 17th of October for an investigator named Michael Gould.  He really is alot of fun. He has a really small drinking problem that we are working on with him, but I have a strong feeling that he will make it.

I haven't got to hear any of conference yet.  It will be broadcast this Saturday and Sunday at the chapel.  The buildings here are awesome.

I love you guys so much, sorry for the delay.

OH!!!!  One more quick thing before I have to go is that I've lost like 10 pounds, which is awesome!  The mission president put out a challenge that whichever companionship loses the most weight will get to go to the movie theater with president and sister scruggs. So we are going to do it, I have until Christmas.

lots of love,
your son
Elder Burns