Sunday, October 18, 2009

Letter to family from Elder Burns October 18th, 2009

Thank you so much for doing that for me and Michael(Editor's note: I put their names in the Temple) I have already seen a great change in Michael.

Newcastle is a port city on the coast. It's about 90 degrees daily but it's windy so it feels like it's 80, so its pretty nice here.

We're in a city area so we have to go just a little way out so that we can see them[kangaroos], but ya there are alot of them.

I havent been called to speak in church yet, or sing, but yesterday i was called upon to teach the gospel principles class.  So I taught Michael and Deseret, she is a recent convert.

Well twice a week, we have a barbeque at which we eat chicken and sometimes pork.  I mostly eat stuff like pasta and cereal, a lot of hamburger,  so I eat pretty well and we get fed 2-3 times a week from members.

Doing laundry is easy because we have our own washer and dryer so its kinda nice. I'll have to get pictures of the house that we are living in - it's pretty awesome.
I am so glad that you are making the commitment to lose the weight.  I havent lost any more weight since last week. because we ate out this week, but things are going awesome here.

I'll make sure to send you more pictures next week.