Friday, June 13, 2008


Today we are at the hospital with Lisa. She is going in for surgery sometime - the doctor is late for some reason. Breanna is here, and so is Lisa's sister Ann. The new Mc Kay-Dee Hospital is awesome. I am very impressed.

It almost seems like you are walking into a mall, only without the stores. ok - that is a dumb analogy.

Breanna had her first bus ride today. She was kind of scared, because someone creepy was sitting next to her and trying to talk to her. Now she gets to ride the bus again, back to frontrunner and on to lagoon.

Can you believe my baby is 15-years old and has never ridden a bus?!?!?! Breanna feels special about it - and now she can even go visit Sarah once and a while.

Well - back to waiting for the doctor...


Minnesota Miracles said...

Hello, Darrell! We know you are busy, but we love to read your blog when you have time! We are glad Lisa is doing well! We love you all! (By the way, Breanna, don't scare the other people on the bus.) Just kidding!