Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Post

I have experienced two weeks at my new job – and so far it has been going very well.  I have been running our Reporter application on the new OS for the appliance, and it is working J


Anyway – since my last post, our Bishopric was reorganized – and the first counselor was called as our new Bishop.  He is a really great man, and I look forward to serving under his guidance.


I haven’t had a lot of time to keep things updated on this blog – I spent about 9 ½ hours on Saturday finishing the stain and rebuild of our back deck/stairs.  So – ta ta for now…




Devksi said...

Hey there Burns family. I just got the invite for the blog..gracias. keep up on the pics. fyi I think there are two songs playing at once. our blog is

Minnesota Miracles said...

It is great to hear that your work is going great! As for working on that deck, enjoy! ha!ha! I love you!, Mom

Minnesota Miracles said...

We have a new assignment also. We will be relocating to Hutchinson MN on or about the 15th of May. We dont have any pictures of the new place yet because we have not arrived there. Hutchinson is suppose to be on the Prarie near where Laura Ingles Wilder wrote her stories. If we get a little house to live in, we can start writing a new series of stories. DAD

Minnesota Miracles said...

Hello, there, Burns family! How are you? We are watching your blog for more info! We hope things are going well!
Love ya lots,

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