Thursday, June 17, 2010


Dear mom,
It was so great to talk to you on mother’s day! I looked forward to it all week

I am so excited for you to have finished your CNA Class. That is so awesome! I will keep you in my prayers for the test that you have to take. I am still loving my mission. I’m happy and healthy. I wrote a lot of information about people and exactly what is going on in dad’s letter. Well I love you tons! You're the best mom ever. I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Grambo,

Thank you so much for your love and concern. It is so awesome that you found your keys. I can’t believe it !!! Did you have fun going out to dinner for mother’s day?

That would have been cool. I am so excited that you are happy. Everything here is going awesome I’m still happy and healthy. I love you tons. I’ll talk to you later




Dear Crystal,

I am doing awesome I am still loving the mission I really miss well I love you. You are so awesome.

GO ASIANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dear dad and Jared,

That is so awesome that you heard Heavenly Father’ss voice telling you to listen to your parents. On my mission, I have to rely on the Holy Ghost and its promptings. That is so awesome!!! Everything is going awesome here in Armidale. We had a family at church on Sunday. It was a mom and 4 kids. It was so awesome! One of them is 9, and 2 are 8, and one is 7, and they all love coming to church. The branch went crazy when they saw them. We also had our 2 Chinese investigators come to church Ethan and We set a baptismal date with both of them for the 5th of June/ They are awesome and they both have testimonies of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. And then Moses was there as well. So it was a really, really great week at church for Armidale. The branch is going great. Yes the baptism went down that is so cool and Margaret is going great. So far as getting into the community, I probably need some more money in my account to pay for renting sports equipment and stuff. Probably 50 dollars if you could do that it would help a lot. That is to cover for this month and next for equipment rental. Well I love you guys tons and...I haven’t seen the puppy yet but yes, Jared is cuter.

Love your son,